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Jan Starr Inducted Into Hall of Fame

GroupeSTAHL Celebrates Jan Starr

GroupeSTAHL employees love to celebrate. We especially love to celebrate our employees’ achievements. Recently, our GroupeSTAHL CEO and Vice Chairman, Jan Starr was inducted into the Adcraft Club of Detroit Hall of Fame.

Prior to joining GroupeSTAHL, Jan was known as the Ad Man. He has had a long and distinguished career in Advertising and he has been a leader and an inspiration to many. A modest man, Jan kept his upcoming induction a secret from those he works with. As it happens, the secret slipped out. In true GroupeSTAHL form, a party was planned!

It started with a special GroupeSTAHL STARR logo. Next, Transfer Express went to work creating transfers. The logo was then heat applied onto more than 700 T-shirts that were distributed to almost every employee in North America. Transfer Express,  Stahls’ ID Direct, Stahls’ DFC, and Hotronix® employees proudly wore their shirts  in Jan’s honor. Pictures were taken at each location and then combined into a presentation.

Jan arrived at his first meeting of the day to see everyone wearing their GroupeSTAHL STARR shirts. Surprised and touched, Jan had no idea there was more to come. Later in the day, Jan received his second surprise as he arrived in the Production Department of Stahls’ ID Direct to a sea of employees wearing the shirts and the presentation displayed on a giant screen. More than 200 employees were present. Amazing cupcakes from the Chocolate Bar Café in Grosse Pointe,MI were enjoyed as well.

Jan spoke about what the employees at GroupeSTAHL meant to him and how exciting the imprinted apparel industry has been. Jan has been the biggest GroupeSTAHL cheerleader, since he joined us in the Fall of 2009. We are all very proud of him and his achievement.

Congratulations, Jan!

Stahls' ID Direct Customer Service

Stahls' ID Direct Customer Service

Hotronix Celebrates with a Starr

Hotronix Celebrates with a Starr

Stahls' DFC

Stahls' DFC


Transfer Express

Stahls' Transfer Express

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