Do It Yourself

For those inclined to do it yourself, Stahls’ DFC also has a variety of options that will make your on-site decorating easy and painless. Let us send you garment decorations cut, weeded and ready to apply. Here are a few examples:

  • Our patented Sport Stitch® product gives you the look of sewn twill, using only a heat press for application – available in standard twill or distressed materials.
  • We can send you twill cuts with a sew file so that sewing your own applique and direct
    embroidery designs will be easier than ever.
  • Take advantage of our arsenal of film, vinyl, and printable medias that we cut and send to you pre-spaced to save time and money.
  • Use our Screen Printed Twill product to give your customers a lightweight printed twill product – that simulates a multi-color look with only one layer of twill. You can sew it or just heat apply!
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